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Now just $60 for full control of your PlayStation 3 with the highly regarded and easy to use ps3toothfairy. shop now!
Complete PlayStation 3 Control from your Harmony / Universal IR remote or Automation system. Read some of the reviews about the ps3toothfairy

New pronto / hex codes have been posted to the FAQ including .pcf and .ccf files

Order Now, Take a look Under the Hood. See the complete list of Features and the FAQ. Or view/download the ps3toothfairy User Manual.

The ps3toothfairy gives your Harmony / universal remote full remote control of your Playstation 3. With the ps3toothfairy, your infrared (IR) remote provides all 51 buttons of the PS3 Bluetooth control and provides power on and off. Easy to setup; Configure your Logitech Harmony or other infrared remote for a Playstation 2 then pair your ps3toothfairy with the PS3.

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